A little girl on a ledge between happiness and loss…

A grown man teetering between youth and maturity…

Tom Carrisford is everything the wealthy and responsible Captain Crewe is not - he is impulsive, carefree, and charming enough to convince his pal Crewe to invest his fortune in a foolish venture.

Sara, Crewe's young daughter, is unspoiled; though given all the advantages of the rich girl she is, Sara remains kind, bright, and generous, with a creative imagination.

When the Captain dies penniless, both his daughter's and his friend's lives spiral downwards.  

Sara is left at the mercy of the cruel headmistress of the school, who treats her like a slave and teaches her that the real world is a cold, hard place where you can trust no one but yourself. 

Carrisford, no longer the carefree adventurer, has made his fortune, but feels great remorse for his part in Crewe's demise, and sets out on a quest to redeem himself. The lives of Sara, now on the verge of hopelessness, and Carrisford, a nearly broken man, converge when an act of generosity by one inspires a renewal of life in the other. 

Sara finds within herself the heart of a princess, and Carrisford opens his heart to the joy of responsibility ... and to love.