"The music is gorgeous,  the lyrics are smart, 
and the book is funny." ... Lynn Ahrens

The Songs

Production Photos © by Barry Wisdom

Happy Ending

Song of the Storyteller

I Know You By Heart ..... 

Not I

Remember Who You Are ..... 

You Need Me
The Other Side of the Wall ..... 


Finale, Act One
Speak The Truth

Ripples ..... 

Enough To Go Around

A Perfectly Good Umbrella ..... 

The Real World ..... 

Someone Made The Magic ..... 

Far Away 

I Know You By Heart, Reprise


With Grateful Acknowledgement...
         Many, many thanks to the actors who have given voice to our show on these demo recordings:
Patrick Ryan Sullivan as Carrisford ("A Perfectly Good Umbrella")
Laura Fois as Miss Minchin ("The Real World," "Remember Who You Are")
Jonathan McFadden as Ram Dass ("Ripples")
James Sasser as Captain Crewe ("I Know You By Heart")
Cassidy Ladden as Sara Crewe 
    ("Someone Made The Magic," "The Other Side Of The Wall," and "I Know You By Heart")
      ... Unfortunately for us, little girls grow up much more quickly than musicals.
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