A story isn't dead and cold, there's life in every word
     A story can't grow old
          It changes every time it's told, and every time it's heard

Story Synopsis

 Sara Crewe is unspoiled; though given all the advantages of the ricgirl she is, Sara remains kind, bright, and generous, with a creative imagination.

 Tom Carrisford is everything the wealthy and responsible Captain Crewe is not - impulsive, carefree, and charming enough to convince his pal Crewe to invest his fortune in a foolish venture. When Captain Crewe dies penniless, both Sara's and Carrisford's lives spiral downwards.

Sara is left at the mercy of the cruel headmistress of the school,
treats her like a slave and teaches her that the real world
is a cold, hard place where you can trust n
o one but yourself. 

Carrisford, no longer the carefree adventurer, has made his f
ortune, but feels great remorse for his part in Crewe's demise, and sets out on a quest to redeem himself. 

 The lives of Sara, now on the verge of hopelessness, and Carrisford, a nearly broken man, converge when an act of generosity by one inspires a renewal of life in the other.

Sara finds within herself the heart of a princess, and Carrisford opens his heart to the joy of responsibility ... and to love.


 Production Photography by Barry Wisdom     


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