Though it only was a pebble, nothing more,
     The ripples will reach the distant shore

"A Little Princess STC world premiere a major success"

... Bill Burgua,

"Exquisite score" 
"STC should be proud" 
"achieves a satisfying,
emotionally charged finish"
... Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee

             " This show has everything one could want to make it a hit. Thecast is strong, the songs are alternately pleasant and stirring, the set by Kelly Tighe works well and Jessica Minnihan’s costumes are beautiful."
.. Bev Sykes, The Davis Enterprise

"Those who attend not only get an afternoon or evening’s entertainment, but will also be some of the first to experience what could very likely become a long-running Broadway musical.
... Bill Burgua,

"Kids & parents alike
will love Sacramento Theatre Company’s 
A Little Princess
... Vickie Westrup,

 Production Photos © by Barry Wisdom

Leading the STC Cast
      Josh Powell    Deborah Tranelli  
 Michael De Souza    Jerry Lee
Alyssa Middleton       Lauren Metzinger


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